Coccola, Hillsborough, NJ

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to finally go to Coccola in Hillsborough for brunch. This was our weekend without the kids and we were trying plenty of restaurants. Also, we hadn’t been out for brunch in a while (kids do that) and it was time to go get some eggs benedict. Coccola is […]


Indian Food Day in NYC

My wife and I decided to spend Saturday in NYC, well it was probably more like I wanted to spend a day in NY and harrassed her until she agreed. We drop the kids off at her sister’s and drove into the city around 11am. It must have been my lucky day but I actually found street […]


Princeton Area Restaurants Don’t Make the Cut, Except….

I’ve lived in the Princeton area for about 5 years now and the one thing that struck me has been the lack of quality restaurants. You would think, or atleast I did that with the ethinically diverse community in the area and the general wealth that there would be better restaurants. With great hope I […]