Princeton Area Restaurants Don’t Make the Cut, Except….

I’ve lived in the Princeton area for about 5 years now and the one thing that struck me has been the lack of quality restaurants. You would think, or atleast I did that with the ethinically diverse community in the area and the general wealth that there would be better restaurants. With great hope I have tried a number of restaurants and continually been underwhelmed by them. Is it that the folks who live in the area are just happy to have somewhere to eat out that the quality of food doesn’t matter?

 In the past year a PF Chang’s opened up on Route 1 by Marketfair Mall. I thought that would raise the average food quality in the area – pretty sad thought! Apart from PFC’s we have our share of casual chains, including Chilli’s, Macaroni Grill, Break for the Border and of course plenty of pizza / pasta places, chinese and mediocre Indian. I find myself excited that Chipotle has opened up in nearby Bridgewater and North Brunswick.

 While it’s been bleak for a while, things have started to look up. My current favorite restaurant in the area is Witherspoon Grill. I love this place. In the last 4 months I have been there 3 times. Even Salt Creek Grill is an improvement and has decent burgers and seafood. Because both these places represent significant improvements in the area, they are always packed no matter which day of the week. This just goes to show that Princeton is dying for better restaurants.  I’ll write longer reviews on both these places later.

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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. What would you recommend in Princeton?

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