Wine Tasting, mainly Pinot Noir but some Cabernets too

I recently started a wine club in my neighborhood. I wanted a regular forum to try different kinds of wine and of course food too. I recently started collecting wine and this seemed like the perfect way to try the wines I have been buying. I won’t say I’m an expert, but rather an informed lover of wine.

We are 4 couples in the club and we meet once a month at a different person’s home. The person whose home we meet in chooses the type of wine and the food theme for the evening. Everyone brings a bottle and a dish that is consistent with the theme of the evening. This way we get to try atleast 4 different wines and plenty of food. There are no price minimums or maximums, makes it all the more interesting because you never know what you will end up with.

This past friday we got together for our second meet. The wine was Pinot Noir and food theme was south western. We ended up going through 7 bottles, 5 Pinots and 2 cabs from my personal stash. 

Let me get the food out of the way and then I’ll go onto the wine. We had:

1. Texas style salmon tartare – recipe from Food & Wine. Turned out really good. I’ll post the recipe soon.

2. Chicken and cheddar quesadilla

3. Taco pie – link to the recipe

4. Corn bread

5. Chilli

All the food was really good, definately helped the wine go down nicely.

On to the wines (in order of tasting).

The Pinots:

1. Garrison McBride, Central Coast, 2005 – a little young, light bouquet and taste. 5/6 out of 10.

2. Hayman Hill, Santa Lucia Highlands, Reserve Selection, 2006 – Young, light, decent nose. 4/5 rating.

3. Lemelson Vineyards, Cuvee X, Williamette Valley, 2003 – Started light, needed to breath but opened up really nicely. Fuller body. 7.

4. Leaping Lizard, Los Carneros, 2005 – very distinctive taste, very fruity. Mixed response from tasters. 6 rating.

5. Kim Crawford, Marlborough, 2006 – pretty mediocre, young. 5 rating.

The Cabs:

1. Amber Knolls Vineyard, 2004 – Full flavor, nice body, opened up nicely. 8 rating.

2. Robert Young Scion, Alexander Valley, 2002 – the best of the night. Beautiful bouquet, nice body. A wine to drink slowly and enjoy. Rated 9. Wine Library has some 2003’s in. I am down to 2 bottles so will be buying more. Here’s the link.

Overall, a very successful night. We all pretty much agreed we liked the cabs better. It helped that they had a little more age on them then the Pinots.

Next meet is on the 28th and it’ll be sparkling whites with seafood. I’ll be taking the chocolate fountain.

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  1. My husband and I are just getting in to wine (had our first ever bottle a couple days ago…I know, I know, but we’re young and were beer people…a hangover- yes pun intended- from college). Were you and the other couples relatively well versed in wine before starting? Do you know these couples well, or is it more of an acquaintance-ish thing that may morph into better friends? I’m just curious, because we’re such wine novices, and I think the wine club thing would help us move the learning process along…

  2. We’re all at different stages in terms of our wine knowledge, though I wouldn’t say any of us are experts. We all just like drinking wine. I started getting into wine much more in the last couple of years. We just try different wines and figure out what we like, nothing too fancy (as you can see by the comments).

    I’d say 1 of the couples is a close friend and 1 of the other couples just moved into the neighborhood recently so more of an acquaintance. I think sharing the experince will definately help the learning process, plus you get to try more wines and it’s more fun.

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