Big Fish, Princeton, NJ

I’ve been to Big Fish 3 times over the past year. The first time was on my 40th birthday last year when my team took me there for lunch. I’ve been back for lunch one more time since and recently had dinner there with a new colleague, Kedar.

Big Fish is at Market Fair mall on Route 1. There is an entrance from the mall or you can come in from a proper more restaurant like entrance. The restaurant has modern, tasteful decor. Tables are nicely spaced. I hate it when the tables are too close together – I have a personal space issue and really don’t want to be close enough to hear conversations on the next table.

From my last 2 visits I remember the food as being decent but not really memorable. This visit I was plesently surprised. The food was way better then I had expected based on my previous visits. Apart from seafood they have steaks, pasta and chicken. We shared the calamari appetizer with sweet thai chili sauce. Way too many restaurants seem to have the sweet thai chili sauce. I really don’t like the sauce, but the calamari was perfectly fried. Both of us also ordered the black bean soup which was really good. It had pieces of andouille sausage I think which was a really nice touch. For the main course I had the yellowfin tuna, grilled rare of course and that came with some vegetables. I had the choice of getting it blackened, sauteed, fried or broiled. The fish was fresh and tasty. I think Kedar had the cedar planked salmon which he said was pretty good.

I asked the waitress for the dessert menu. I wanted to take dessert home for my wife. The waitress went away and came back to inform me that they didn’t have any menus because they were changing the prices. I have never heard such a thing. It was 8pm and they were changing prices in the middle of a dinner service. She did tell me what they had for dessert and I took home a chocolate cake or something which I had to microwave at home. It actually was really good. Nice gooey center, a chocolate (or was it caramel?) syrup on top along with vanilla ice cream.

I’m not a huge fan of mall based restaurants. They just don’t seem like serious food destinations, more of a convenience. Kind of like an extension to the food court. Overall it’s a decent place for lunch or dinner, though not memorable. I much prefer Salt Creek Grille up the road on Route 1, but that place is always packed and if you can’t get in there you can always come here.

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