Frog & Peach, New Brunswick, NJ

I went to Frog & Peach for the first time recently. Checked out the menu online and it looked really good. I had also read some good reviews and was looking forward to going. The cuisine is modern american.

The restaurant is conveniently located, pretty close to Rt.18. I valet parked the car. I was a little surprised to see valet parking, but I guess it’s all about delivering a consistent, upscale experience right from the moment you drive up to the moment you leave in your car and it delivers on this. The restaurant is immaculately decorated, and the service is also attentive and flawless.

As is usual for me nowadays, I decided to order a bunch of appetizers and shared them with Corry. We ordered in 2 batches, not really knowing how much to order. The first batch turned out to be great. This included the calamari, venison sausage and sweet potatoe fries. I love sweet potatoe fries. With this great experience we decided to order a second round of things and these just weren’t as good as the first round. I can’t remember exactly what we ordered, but either we were really lucky in our first selection or really hungry or the kitchen wasn’t as focused as dinner service continued and they got busier.

One thing that did annoy me was when I ordered a glass of cabernet sauvignon with dinner and how little wine was in the glass. At around $15 for the glass, I felt a little ripped off. 

Generally everything is pretty well executed but it seems like this restaurant is stuck in time, back in the late 90’s. From the decor to the stuffy service to some of the items on the menu. Foie Gras is so late 90’s, I used to order it without fail but now I am so over it! I think this is a restuarant you would take your parents or grandparents to. Personally I’d rather go to Stage Left in New Brunswick.

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