Jardin, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004

Opened a bottle of Jardin tonight. I bought a few bottles some months ago but never got around to trying it. Was in the mood for a cab tonight and found this bottle on my wine rack. I tend to buy wine and then just hold onto it and drink it slowly over time. Definately buy more then I get around to drinking. Didn’t really know what to expect and my initial taste wasn’t too promising. But as I lingered over my glass, the wine opened up and I found myself enjoying it more and more.

This isn’t a cab that hits you with big, bold flavors, but rather is more subtle. I think it needs to age a little more. It’s really smooth and tannins aren’t too strong. Overall, a surprisingly good cab.

Wine Enthusiast gave it a 93 rating – here’s their review:

“This is a seriously impressive wine. Its black currant fruit, rich smoky flavors and soft tannins come straight out of the glass. But it is very young, needing three years for aging to show its prune, black plum and herbal character blending well with the great layers of wood.”

As with most of my wine, I purchased this from the wine library. It’s $15.99 a bottle. They still haveĀ a bunch in stock. Here’s the link.

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  1. Great blog Imi!! Thanks for setting up the wine club. Lots of nice evenings to come :-). You created a little Bourgondy in NJ for this Flemish couple.

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