Cims De Porrera, Classic, 1999, Priorat

About 18 months ago I purchased 2 bottles of this wine based on a recommendation from The Wine Library in Summit, NJ (www.winelibrary.com). I think it cost $35 or $40 a bottle. It’s probably the first wine I bought when I started getting serious about collecting wine. I opened a bottle that week and really enjoyed it. I finally got around to opening the 2nd bottle this weekend when I had a couple of friends over for lunch.

This wine is from the Priorat region in Catalunya, Spain, about a couple of hours from Barcelona. This hilly region has become known for some of Spain’s most sophisticated wines. The yield tends to be relatively low due to the the nature of the region. The wines from this region used to have a reputation for being rough and massively alcoholic, however things changed for the better in the 1990s. Wine varietals are primarily Grenache and Carignan. They also have some Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrahs.

Coming back to this wine, it is 70% Carignan and 30% Grenache. The grapes were picked by hand from vines ranging in age from 60 to 100 years and the wine was aged for 17 months in Allier oak casks before bottling.

The wine has a great ruby red color and a nice full aroma. The wine has really good body and is very smooth. It’s a wine that is very easy to drink. As you drink it all you can think is that this is a seriously good wine. It paired really well with Indian food, including chicken and lamb.

There is alot of sediment in the bottle so you may want to let the bottle stand for a while before serving it.

Now that I’m out of this wine I think I need to go find some more.

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