Lucy’s Ravioli, Princeton, NJ

Lucy’s Ravioli is an Italian, gourmet food store on Route 206, just south of Route 518. They sell prepared pasta dishes, sauces, fresh pasta, bread, cookies, soups and sandwiches. In the past year they have also opened a restaurant and wine bar on Route 518 in Rocky Hill called One 53, which has been well reviewed.

I’ve lived in the area for a few years now and been meaning to go try out Lucy’s Ravioli. I finally went there for lunch a few days ago. I tried the Italian combo sandwich on crusty baguette. The bread was excellent. I am really fussy about my bread and lament the general quality of bread here compared to what I used to in England, but this was really good. The sandwich was well stacked with vaious cuts of meat, including Genoa salami, Capocolo, Proscuito, Provolone, marinated roasted peppers, oil, balsamic vinegar, lettuce and tomato. The ingredients were all top notch. Overall this is a very good sandwich. The only thing I wish it had were some hot peppers.

They have a number of different sandwiches and pannini’s, plus specials. I hear that the pasta sauces and olives here are very good. I’ll be back again and try some other stuff next time.

The place was pretty busy for lunch though the line kept moving. One word of advise, as soon as you order, get in line to pay – don’t hang around like a novice as I did otherwise your sandwich will be sitting on the counter waiting for you to pay. The place has a couple of bar stools by the window to sit and eat, but it’s more of a takeout kind of place.

Here’s the link http://www.lucysravioli.com

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