Ming, Edison, NJ

Ming is a popular restaurant owned by the same group that owns the excellent Moghul Indian restaurants in Edison and Morristown, Moghul Express, Moksha, Mithaas and Mehndi which is well reviewed by the New York Times.

Ming serves Indian-Chinese food. For the uninitiated, Indian-Chinese is nothing like chinese food and it isn’t even fusion. It’s not even like the food you find in most Indian restaurants which is typically northern indian cuisine.

I’ve tried Indian-Chinese food a couple of times over the years and never really enjoyed it, but I figured I hadn’t yet experienced good execution of the concept or just didn’t know what to order, especially since everyone I know who has tried this food actually likes it. On recommendations I decided to try Ming. I made a reservation for Friday night for my wife and kids.

We were seated promptly. The restaurant was pretty busy and it looked like there was a large birthday party in the side room. The restaurant looks like it is showing its age a little. It could do with some sprucing up and also brightening up the restaurant. The place is BYO.

We ordered a number of appetizers and main courses to share. The appetizers were generally better then the mains. The problem I had with the food is that it all seems drenched in a batter and fried and then a heavy sauce is applied. Everything just seemed way too heavy. The shrimp in hot garlic sauce is a perfect example. The shrimp themselves were huge, but they had an after-taste of flour and the sauce just seemed thick and  greasy. The shredded lamb with ginger and spring onions was the best thing. Probably because it came closest to real chinese food.

Specifically, we ordered:


– Drums of Heaven – basically chicken wings. Decent.

– Crispy Lamb beijing style – good

– Cauliflower Manchrian – ok, cauliflower was too mushy for my liking


– Shrimp in hot garlic sauce – awful

– Lamb with ginger and spring onions – good, our overall favorite

– Hakka Noodle with Chicken – pretty bland

– Chilli garlic fried rice – peppery, not very good.

If Ming is the best in the genre, and Zagat shows a 23 rating (this just supports my view of Zagat’s inflated ratings but that’s another post “Do Zagat ratings make sense?”), then I clearly just don’t like Indian-Chinese food. I guess you need to grow up with the food, because everyone I know who likes, no loves this place is from India and grew up eating Indian-Chinese food. I for one will not be trying this again.

While I know I am fussy about my food, my wife too didn’t enjoy it and my kids (7 and 9)who seem to be developing a discernible palette also weren’t really into the food. THey usually love anything with noodles but they picked at the food. To make matters worse, both my wife and I felt queasy on the way home from what I assume was the greasiness of the food.

Service is pretty attentive. They keep your glass of water filled which is a good thing since I needed about 8 glasses to try and get that heavy coated feeling off my tongue.

The place is also pricey for what it is and tables with four or more people get a gratuity added. I’ve never seen a restaurant where they add a gratuity for only 4 people – what a scam.

Here’s a link to the restaurant  www.mingrestaurants.com

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  1. My wife and I and son, 9, just ate at Ming 2, in Morristown, and can confirm your review. The atmosphere of the place was different, especially for the boring suburbs, but …. My wife has been up all night with stomach cramps and dry mouth. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I’d eaten a bucket of salt. I was very put off at being charged $7 for a bowl of rice – $7 for maybe 50 cents worth of raw ingredients! (I couldn’t help thinking, as I ate this crazy rice, about all the times I used to hear about people starving in India.) The wait staff was very attentive, but our guy knew zero about wine yet pretended to be an expert.
    All told, a v. disappointing experience, as we had driven 45 minutes to get there and were charged an arm and a leg for what was essentially tasty but ultimately greasy, MSG’d) Chinese food – not the delicate “Pan Asian” that the company advertises. In fact, 75% of the other patrons were of Indian descent, with a few other Asians.
    When is someone in NJ going to figure out that there are masses of people who like good food and atmosphere but want the real thing, not an ersazt experience.

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