Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, New York

To say I love a good steak is surely an understatement. I never say no to steak and to think that only 10 years ago I never ate steak and would not even order steak at a steakhouse, but instead order the fish. Dr. Atkins changed all that. That’s when I developed my taste for red meat and also first discovered Churrascaria Plataforma (which I have since been to maybe 40 times – you can read my blog on that at http://foodielifestyle.com/2007/12/10/churrascaria-plataforma-new-york/). There was even 1 week some years ago when my friends Shaz, Harlow and I decided to try 3 or 4 steakhouses in 1 week.

Getting back on track regarding Wolfgang’s. This was my second time here for dinner. My impression from my first visit was that this was just like Peter Luger’s, just nicer, more convenient and they even take credit cards! This isn’t surprising because Wolfgang Zweiner was the head waiter at Luger’s for years. The steak is basically Luger’s as far as I can tell. The Park Avenue location is very nice with arched tiled ceilings which are beautiful. They also have a TriBeca location which I haven’t tried.

Corry and I were walk ins at around 6pm for dinner this past Wednesday. We thought that we wouldn’t need reservations that early, but the place was packed. We ended up getting a table at the back, barely. The tables are pretty close together and the restaurant is noisy. There was a couple at the table next to us and the guy was annoying, loud and constantly on his cell phone. People just have no consideration for other diners.

The steak here is fantastic. I think it equals Luger’s. I’ve only tried the Porterhouse for 2, and each time it was perfectly cooked and tasted great. We also ordered the Wolfgang salad which has shrimp, tomatoes, onions and bacon. We did order a slice each of the bacon – it’s sizzling canadian bacon and just amazing. You have to try this as an appetizer. The shrimp in the shrimp cocktail was great. Calling it shrimp doesn’t do it justice. For sides we had the musrooms and sauteed spinach. All very good. This really was the perfect meal.

This place isn’t cheap. With a bottle of wine and tip dinner was close to $300 for 2, but it is so worth it. This may just be my favorite steakhouse right now.

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  1. I recently visited Wolfgang’s with the blogger. I have to agree that Wolfgang’s is an amazing steakhouse. And the bacon is out of this world. The portions are fairly large, so don’t go crazy on appetizers or sides. I can definitely see doing future business dinners here, but I can’t imagine this as a great date place (you’re just too full when you leave).

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