Belgian Beer and Cheese Tasting

Beer TastingsLast week our monthly wine club got together for another night of tasting both food and drink. This time out we went to Johan and Leen’s, our neighbors from Belgium. The theme this time out was different. We decided to try Belgian beers and cheese. You’d think that cheese is an odd choice with beer and we should probably be doing wings and other deep fried stuff but Johan was right, cheese goes really well with beer. Of course we had to have Belgian fries too, I love the twice cooked fries from Belgium with mayo. And they had to be made by Lenn so they wore authentic and wonderful.

I have to say that I am not a huge beer drinker. I do drink it on occassion but would rather have a good cabernet sauvignon any day. As a result I really don’t know much about beer, though if I do drink beer I prefer dark beers. So, doing a beer night for me was a major departure, but the point of our wine club is to try different things and spend quality time with people you like.

I have to say that after the tastings, I have developed a much better appreciation for beer, well Belgian beer. I can actually say that there are beers that I like and would seek out. We tried 8 different beers and a number of cheeses. Let’s start with the beer:

1. Duvel – lot’s of bubbles, yeast in the bottle, a very refreshing beer, golden color, almost champagne like. This was my favorite. A number of the others also agreed that it was the best of the night.

2. La Chouffe – we had 2 different La Chouffe’s that night. This was lighter in color, an amber beer. It was very good, considered the 3rd best of the night.

3. Lambic Kriek – this is a cherry colored and flavored beer. I didn’t try it but Noreen liked it alot. It’s a sweeter beer.

4. Saison Dupont – Golden color, quite good.

5. Chimay Ale, Grand Reserve – A dark Chimay. I beleive there are 3 types of Chimay. This was excellent. Considered the 2nd best of the night, though some preferred this to the Duval.

6. Corsendork, Abbey Brown Ale – this had a light body, decent beer. Suffered in comparison to the others.

7. La Chouffe – the dark variety. Again another good beer.

8. Paulaner – A german wheat beer whihc was considered average.

The cheeses:

1. St. Marcellin – a soft creamy and very strong cheese. Excellent

2. Fromage Des Clarine – Soft and mild cheese. Again very good

3. Besace Du Berger – A blue goat cheese, also good

4. Perrano – A dutch gouda like cheese but with a parmesan flavor. Very good.

5. Reblochen – Soft, creamy and excellent.

We also had fodue with bread and chorizo. I love fondue. It’s sucha communal and fun thing to do.

The beers can be found at Wegmans in Princeton and the cheese was mainly from Bon Appetite in the Princeton Shopping Center off N. Harrison Street. Bon Appetite is an excellent gourmet food store selling a very large selection of cheese, chocolate, bread, pastries, sandwiches and a bunch of other other stuff. Definately worth a vist.

Overall another excellent night. Next time it’s Chianti at The Pandya’s.

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  1. Excellent dishes…excellent Belgian ales. all of them are wonderful, especially the Chimay.

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