Turkish Kitchen, New York

I was in Manhattan on Wedsnesday for business and decided to get together with Lyle and Kedar for dinner. I wanted something in the 20s or 30s, close to the focus groups I was attending. After an exhaustive search we decided on Turkish Kitchen and made reservations for 7.30. Everyone arrived promptly which is great. I hate tardiness and it stresses me out if I’m going to be late. We were seated promptly which is another thing I like. Why make a reservation for a specific time if you’re going to be kept hanging around. So things were off to a good start.

The restaurant has been around for a while and had a lot of decent press. It was my first time here. The restaurant was packed. It is a little tightly packed but due to the set-up it doesn’t seem like you’re having dinner with the people on the table next to you, unlike Wolfgang’s where you’re literally at the table with them. 

The menu is pretty extensive and has all the staples you would expect from a turkish restaurant. I had trouble deciding what I wanted because I wanted to try a bunch of things instead of just 1 thing. If you’ve read my earlier posts, I like variety and frequently skip the main course to instead sample a bunch of different appetizers. I searched for a mixed grill on the menu but couldn’t find it. I asked the waiter and he said they could do it for me. I love that kind of flexibility and focus on pleasing the customer. Kedar went for the same. We decided to skip appetizers because a mixed grill typically has more food then you can finish. Lyle went for mixed appetizer plate which he said was very good. The mixed grill had chicken adana, doner kebab, shish kebab and lamb chops. All excellent, perfectly cooked, moist and tender. Just the way it should be. It also came with rice which seemed to be drenched in butter, but anything in butter tastes good, so of course I finished it.

We decided to be adventurous and ordered a turkish wine. It was only $36 so what the heck. I won’t be repeating that mistake again. That was not very good wine. We also ordered dessert which basically was a pound cake drenched in syrup. Way too sweet. Kedar had the turkish coffee. Turkish coffee comes in an espresso cup and has a layer of thick “mud” on the bottom, basically ground coffee.  I’ve had it in Turkey and enjoyed it. It has to be drunk with sugar. I don’t do coffee anymore since it gives me migraines.

Overall dinner was good and service was good too. With wine and tip our bill was about $40 per person. A real bargain.


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