Princeton Area Pizza – Joe’s Pizza & New World Pizza

It seems like there is a pizza restaurant every few hundred yards in central New Jersey. It never ceases to amaze me that so many pizza places can survive financially. Is there really so much business to go around? I guess we just eat alot of pizza and why not if it’s good, but there are way too many mediocre pizza joints around and they still manage to survive.

I live in Belle Mead, just a few miles north of Princeton, a town that is seriously lacking in restaurants. The most popular place is Tigers Tale which is basically a bar that serves pretty lousy bar food. The place is packed which isn’t surprising despite the lousy food since it’s the only place with a liquor license in the town. Despite our lack of restaurants, we do have our share of pizza places with New World and Joe’s being 2 very good examples. Technically Joe’s is in Hillsborough, but barely.

Both places take a different approach to pizza, and both are very good. Joe’s Pizza puts out a very good, traditional style pie with a very thin base. The sauce is excellent and it has just the right amount of cheese. This is one of the best pizza’s I have had. They have a large eat in area which is consistently packed on Friday and Saturday nights. They serve a large variety of pizza’s, including an excellent cheesesteak pizza. They also have sandwiches and pasta dishes. This is your neighborhood family owned and run italian restaurant. It also does a roaring take-out business, though they don’t deliver.

By contrast, New World is more of your gourmet pizza with more exotic toppings. I love the mexican pizza with spicy beef, tomatoes and jalapenos. They don’t have any seating, being essentially a take-out and delivery place. This place is always busy. They do have other things on the menu apart from pizza, like sandwiches but this is mainly about the pizza. I am a big fan of New World, though my kids prefer Joe’s so we usually order from there.

Both places are examples of 2 very different but exceptionally good pizza restaurants.  

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