Woojeon, Edison, NJ

Woojeon is a Korean restaurant that also serves sushi, located in Edison on Rt 1 S. I have been going here for about 5 years and have never had a bad meal, I always leave happy and satisfied. The place is always packed, usually with Koreans which obviously is a great sign for the restaurant.

I usually order the same things when I go there. I know I should be more adventorous but I go so infrequently that I end up ordering the same things because that’s what I really crave. For Lunch I usually order the gop dol bipin bap which comes with all the little appetizers and miso soup and for dinner I usually share the pajun (seafood pancake) and korean barbecue of short ribs and beef. All these are excellent. I have eaten at alot of Korean restaurants in NY in Korea Town and Woojeon is up there with the best. If you’ve never had bipin bap, it’s basically rice, ground beef, vegetables and a raw egg on top all served in a piping hot clay bowl. You add a hot sauce which is provided separately and mix it all up. The heat of the bowl cooks the egg and you get crunchy rice on the bottom. So good! The barbecue is cooked at the table where a grill opens up in the middle of your table. A server usually places the raw marinated meat on the grill and then tends to it. You then take the cooked pieces and wrap it in a piece of lettuce and add a bean paste. It’s a great social experience. As is normal with Korean meals, you get an assortment of small plate appetizers at the start of the meal, including fish, kimchee (spicy cabbage), various veges. This in itself can fill you up, so be careful not to overeat. This is included in the price and they will re-fill as many times as you want. I’ve never had the sushi here but a friend once did and said it was very fresh.

The staff which is Korean is polite and helpfu, though their English seems to be limited. The decor of the restaurant is nothing to write about and there is a large banquet room in the back. Service is prompt and you can be in an out in under an hour, regardless of how busy they are.

This place is highly recomended.

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