Aroma, Franklin Park, Somerset

A friend and I recently had dinner at Aroma, a Thai restaurant in Somerset / Franklin Park.  I am a huge fan of Thai food – I would say that I go at least 5 times a month to some Thai restaurant.  This was my first time at Aroma – the place came highly recommended by Immy.  The restaurant is located in a mini-strip mall – nothing too inviting from the outside.  But when you walk in – everything glitters.  There are probably 20 or so tables in the restaurant, each with bright (if not a little gaudy) tables settings.


Normally, I order the same spicy basil chicken stir fry (Gai Pad Gra Pow) dish at a Thai restaurant that I have not visited before.  I was a little disappointed that the Aroma did not have my favorite dish.  My disappointment would not last.  My friend and I decided to share 2 entrees that we both found interesting:

         Yellow Curry with Shrimp – one word: AMAZING

         Flat Noodles with basil and chicken – extremely good

The Yellow Curry came with a cup of rice…words cannot describe how good the yellow curry was – truly a memorable dish.  The curry was the right level of spicy (I like it hot) and had strong hints of lemongrass and coconut.  The shrimp were large and not overcooked.  I’m not going to lie – I’m sure the dish did not help out my cholesterol.  The flat noodles were also excellent.  Neither the noodles nor the chicken were dry.  The flavor that the basil added to the dish made me forget that I hadn’t been able to order the Pad Gra Pow. 

We finished both plates and were stuffed.  But then we saw another couple get dessert….so we decided to loosen our belts and give it a shot….and we were not disappointed.  We shared the fried coconut ice cream.  The ice cream is covered with coconut flakes and flash fried – so the coconut flakes are crispy.  The dessert was amazingly good – and although we were both stuffed from the entrees, we finished the ice cream.

Aroma has catapulted to the top of my favorite Thai restaurants (beats anything I’ve had in Chicago, New York or Atlanta).  Our bill came to about $40 with tip.  FYI…the place is BYO (table next to us came with their own bottle of Scotch!).  I will be visiting Aroma again soon – I hope my next experience is as good as the first. 

Review by guest reviewer Kedar.

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