KC Prime, Princeton, NJ

KC Prime is a steakhouse located in Lawrenceville, near Princeton. I had previously been there for brunch and wasn’t completely impressed, but decided that I really needed to try what it is really known for before I could pass judgment. That meant going back this week to try the steaks. A few people had raved about the quality of the steaks, and considering myself a steak connoisseur, I decided to go back and give it another shot.

The best thing at KC Prime is the beer which just about summarizes the place. KC Prime is located behind Quakerbridge Mall, next to a Gold’s Gym. From the outside the place isn’t much to look at, but heck, this is New Jersey.

Nothing seems to be quite right about this place. The first thing that struck me as soon as I walked in was that the hostesses all seemed pretty miserable. You want your hostess to be attractive, cheerful and look like they want you to come in and have a great time. Not exactly the welcome I was looking for. We were escorted to a booth in the back. The restaurant did look pretty busy. My seat was worn out and slightly ripped. The décor seriously needs to be updated. It’s dark, dated and run down.

I was planning to drink some wine, but the wine list is short and abysmal. The best wine they carry is Clos Du Val. What kind of steakhouse doesn’t carry a better selection of wine? That’s how we ended up on beer. They have a good selection of beers, especially the Begian beers, including Duval and Chimay ( I ended up ordering the Duval.

The spinach dip with artichokes was pretty good, as was the bread, but the main event, the NY Strip wasn’t very good. It was perfectly cooked but the quality of the meat was just sub-par. And at $28 I expected better. A word of caution, the KC fries are not fries, but instead potato chips – I was so looking forward to fries.

Based on the quality of the steaks we decided to skip dessert and instead decided to leave.

This place isn’t cheap but I’m not sure what I was paying for because it wasn’t the ambiance or the food. I’ve now been to KC Prime, tried the steak and I’m done. If I want steak in the Princeton area, I’ll stick to Witherspoon Grill (

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