Sotto 128, Princeton, NJ

Sotto is a surprisingly good italian restaurant in Princeton on Nassau Street. I had previously been there for drinks after work and had some of their bar food which was decent but not memorable. I went back again with some folks from work for dinner this time and I was pretty surprised and impressed.

Upon entering the restaurant you need to walk downstairs to the restaurant and bar, which is subterranean. The restaurant is pretty large though it isn’t much to look at, kind of like a nicer version of your local pasta joint. The place was pretty empty that evening. The table we sat at hadn’t been cleaned properly, there was some spilled oil where I was sitting. Our wonderfully helpful and friendly waitress cleaned it up without complaint, almost happily.

Their wine list is pretty interesting. They have a selection of South African wines from Olsen Wineries. The waitress informed me that the owner of the winery comes in for dinner a lot. We ordered their Pinotage which was only $38 for the bottle and pretty good. Great value. I’ve been looking to buy more of this wine but haven’t been able to find it. Bummer!

The food is definately the highlight here. We ordered an appetizer sampler which included a lot of stuff, including mussels, calamari, eggplant rollatini, etc., most of it very good. I had a pasta with italian sausage and broccoli rabe which was excellent, a great recommendation from our waitress. The others tried pasta with vodka sauce, veal and some of their vegetarian dishes. Everyone seemed to be happy with their meals. While the food tastes very good, it seems to have been prepared by a good home cook, not a professional chef – the food doesn’t have the refinement you would expect from a restaurant in downtown Princeton. BTW, the tiramisu was very good.

Overall, a good food for dinner and drinks. Definately worth going to again.


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  1. The restaurant’s highlights were definitely the bar and the live music. We were underwhelmed with the food – starting with papa john style garlic knots that were greasy and brought me back to the college years. The eggplant appetizer was so so…I have had better prepared at McCaffreys.

    We ordered the paparadelle and the pasta with broccoli rabe and sausage. Both were lacking flavor and the pasta tasted as though they came right out of the box.
    We laughed – drank and drank.

    Definitely a happy hour option in the future. Your recommendation on dining at One 53 over Sotto a few weeks ago was the right call.

    Sotto is just so so. Good night.

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