Red Zinfandels

0517080040.jpgThis past Friday our monthly wine club got together at David & Noreen’s. As is our custom, the host decides what wine selection we will be drinking and also what food everyone needs to bring. This was our night for red zinfandels.

We tried a selection of 7 different wines. I got serious about wine about 18 months ago, starting with California cabs, syrahs and pinot noirs so have not really been familiar with red zins. The great thing about the wine club is that rather than being stuck with a particular type of wine, we end up trying a lot of different varietals based on everyone’s tastes. You end up really learning what you like and don’t. It’s a great way to explore the confusing world of wine. Also a great way to bond with your neighbours.

Onto the wine:

1. Cheyanna, 2004, Napa Valley – good, light wine. Great value at $10, make that amazing value. This wine had a 92 rating from Wine Advocate. Best of the night.

2. Hartford, 2005, Russian Valley – another good wine, but not as good as the first wine. Also much more expensive at $24.

3. Neal Family Winery, 2006, Napa – stronger, fuller flavor than the previous 2 wines, more like what I was expecting from a red zin. Another wine that cost $24. This wine was ok.

4. Earthquake, 2005 – A very heavy, strong wine. Even the bottle was heavy! Rated as just ok.

5. Cline, 2006 – This wine was $15 and rated the worst of the night. It was a struggle finishing this wine. Probably our first stinky wine of the wine club – sorry Johan.

6. Farleigh, 2004 – This wine has grapes from 2 counties in California, with 50% coming from Mendocino and the other 50% from Amador. This wine is decently rated though we thought it was just ok. It cost around $10.

7. Seghesio, 2006 – We rated this as just doable which falls below ok and above stinky.

The surprising thing is that the wines were pretty erratic in their quality, with price not really being a good indicator. The best wine cost only $10 and some of the more expensive wines were just ok.

We next meet at Leen and Johan’s in a few weeks. The plan is to try a bunch of Rioja’s.

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