Nova Terra, New Brunswick, NJ

I recently went to Nova Terra with my team for dinner. Been meaning to go there and try the rodizio for a while. I am a huge fan of rodizio at Churrascaria Plataforma in New York. I have been going to Plataforma for years and it is the gold standard when it comes to rodizio. If you haven’t tried rodizio, it’s a fun thing to do with a group of people. I typically try to go with a large group, though they have to have hearty appetites. I made the mistake of going with Radhika, Melissa and Stephanie to Plataforma – just wasn’t their thing. Doesn’t help that Melissa is a vegetarian.

The rodizio is only available on Wednesday evenings and costs $30. It includes a bunch of appetizers, the meat selection and grilled pineapple. Drinks and dessert are extra as is normally the case. Once we were seated the eagar, friendly waittress explained the process. We were given dials that are green on one side and red on the other. Green means bring it on and red means stop. We were given salads to start and than a selection of appetizers. The appetizers are tapas like and were very tasty. After this came the main event – the meat. We started with chicken and sausage – the cheaper cuts of meat come first. After that came pork loin, lamb, beef, ribs, etc. The selection was pretty narrow compared to Plataforma but everything was very good, surprisingly good. The meat is brought out on skewers by the wait staff. Unfortunately their cutting technique really wasn’t up to par, but what the heck it was still tasty.

The restaurant is located in downtown New Brunswick on Rt. 27 near the train station. It’s a pretty large space with a bar at the center of it. I had a very good martini while I was waiting for the others to turn up. The place is nicely decorated, trying to be hip, but just lacking a little something compared to places in major metro cities. It’s probably a busy bar scene on friday and saturday evenings, filled with a young, single, professional crowd.

Bottomline, I like this place. I’ll be back for the rodizio which will save me a trip into New York. I guess I should also try the other stuff on the menu.

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My review of Plattaforma:

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