The Perfect Burger at Stage Left, New Brunswick, NJ


So I finally got over to Stage Left last Friday to try their cheeseburger which is modestly called “The World’s Best Cheeseburger”. I heard about the cheeseburger at Stage Left in New Brunswick probably three years ago and since then I have been thinking about going to try it. The problem is that they serve it for lunch only and they are only open on Friday for lunch. Plus, it isn’t exactly conveniently located to my office so I can’t go and have lunch there unless I want to take a two hour lunch. Though I did learn that they serve it at the bar in the evening too.

I have always been on a quest to find a great cheeseburger. I love cheeseburgers but the guilt associated with the calories, saturated fat and the carbs (well you have to eat fries with a burger!) mean that I only eat a burger when I know that it will be good enough to compensate for the guilt. The problem with most burgers is the excessivelly sized bun where the bread overwhelms the meat, or an under-seasoned patty or something that is just a sloppy mess. My reigning favorite was the burger at Union Square Cafe but the Stage Left burger is probably as close to perfection as you’re going to get.

First off, this burger makes an entrance – it looks intimidating. The patty is massive. As you sit there contemplating it you think to yourself that there is no way this thing will fit in your mouth and how the heck can you finish it? Trust me you can, or atleast you’ll want to. It comes covered in aged cheddar and excellent bacon, onion, lettuce and tomato. The burger was perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. The bun was even perfect – not too big, slightly toasted and just right. From the first bite of the burger you just realize how good this burger is. Perfection extends beyond the burger to the fries. Calling them fries seems like an injustice. They are massive chunks of fried potato slices and boy are they good. The burger and fries are $16 and well worth it.

I have truly found my burger.

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