East, Plainsboro, NJ

East is an asian restuarnt that serves a pretty large menu of Chinese and Sushi items. Occassionally it also serves some Thai items too. The restaurant hasn’t been open too long, located in Plainsboro Village Center. I was pretty excited to try the place because I have been looking for a sushi place close to work – somewhere I could get to and from quickly during lunch.

The restauarant is nice and bright and very clean, though the tables are really small. I think they can barely fit 2 entrees and drinks. I went in a party consisting of my 2 kids, 2 neices and my wife. We all tried something different. The kids had chicken lo mein and hot & sour soup, the girls had fried sushi (i’d never heard of such a thing until this lunch – there’s something very wrong with having friend sushi!), I had traditional sushi, including a spicy tuna roll and hand roll and my wife had some thai noodles. The soup was good, lo mein was awful, the thai noodles not so good, the fried sushi was overwhelmed with a sticky brown, sweet sauce and my sushi was acceptable, though knife skills leave a little to be desired.

The servers were eagar to please though english seemed to be an issue for our waitress. I was worried I wasn’t going to get what I had ordered.

The restaurant was pretty busy for a late saturday lunch so it appears to have built up somewhat of a following pretty quickly. I’ll probably go back once to try the chinese items, but on current form we now have another bad chinese addition to New Jersey – like we need any more! For sushi, I’ll just stick to Whole Foods for now.

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