Mediterra, Princeton, NJ

For the last few years I have resisted going to Mediterra, ever since I had lunch there once. The burger I had wasn’t great and the service was worse. I’m happy to report that things were way better this time around. I try to give restaurants atleast 2 tries, especially if during my first visit I didn’t try the specialties of the house.

It was late in the evening and I wanted to have dinner where I could sit outside and enjoy the weather. Mediterra is located just by Palmer Square on Hulfish Street in a great location so I surpressed my original opinions of the place and decided to go there. Mediterra bills itself as a casual, upscale restaurant serving food from the 21 countries surrounding the mediterranean.

We were three for dinner and were seated outside. The weather was just perfect. The only annoying thing was a lone diner on the table next to us who spent most of dinner talking loudly on his phone and then yelling across to some people he knew as they walked by. Boy was he annoying as hell. I think cell phones should be banned in restaurants, though I did get a call and quickly ended it, probably in under 30 seconds.

For once I decided to skip the appetizers and just eat the main course. I need to watch the calories! I ordered the Paella which was excellent. Just the right size portion and perfectly seasoned and flavored. One of our party ordered the cod which he said was excellent. The 3rd in our party wanted to go off menu and got a bespoke pasta dish which the chef was happy to do. That too was very good. I had a red wine sangria to acoompany my meal, very refreshing.

Live music was playing at the restaurant. It wasn’t too loud and quite pleasant. Our waiter, Pedro was very attentive and chatty. He took his job seriously which is what I like to see. He was so eagar to make sure everything was perfect. We skipped dessert and went somewhere else for some excellent ice cream. Dinner for 3 turned out to be under $70. Great value.

I may have to start changing my opinion of Princeton area restaurants.


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