Nha Trang One, New York

I first experienced Nha Trang way back in January 1994 during my first week at business school in New York. Patrick had been going there for some time with his then girlfriend Jennifer (now wife) and he raved about the palce. We went there with a few others as a team bonding thing. From my […]


Bordeaux Night

It’s been a while since I wrote about one of our wine tasting nights. Last month we did martini’s instead of wine but this month we’re back on track again. The way this works is that we are four couples in our self made wine club and we rotate through a different couple’s home once […]


Buddakan, New York

I went to Buddakan a few weeks ago because Dale, one of the contestants on Top Chef was a chef at the restaurant. His food seemed really interesting and inventive so I figured I should check it out. Talking about Top Chef, is there a more georgeous woman on TV than Padma Lakshmi? That’s another […]


Yuva, New York

Anyone who has been to Delhi and eaten at Bukhara at The Maurya Sheraton hotel realises how good Indian food can be. The food at Bukhara is referred to as northwest frontier cuisine (the border between Pakistan & Afghanistan) with lots of succulent, melt in your mouth kebabs cooked in a tandoor. These are quite […]