Yuva, New York

Anyone who has been to Delhi and eaten at Bukhara at The Maurya Sheraton hotel realises how good Indian food can be. The food at Bukhara is referred to as northwest frontier cuisine (the border between Pakistan & Afghanistan) with lots of succulent, melt in your mouth kebabs cooked in a tandoor. These are quite simply the best kebabs in the world. Bukhara has been voted one of the best restaurants in the world.

I have only been once, way back in early 1993 and since then I have been hoping they opened a location in New York. There have been other restaurants by the same name but that’s all they were. Well, finally it looks like my quest is over. While Bukhara hasn’t opened a New York branch, a former chef from Bukhara has recreated the menu at Yuva and when I heard this, I had to go try it out.

A couple of weeks ago during Restaurant week, Kedar and I were looking for somewhere to go, some new restaurant to try. He sent me a short list of restaurants with brief descriptions and in that list was Yuva. As soon as I read that the chef was formerly at Bukhara, that was our choice.

We checked out the restaurant week menu and it looked good but after perusing their regular menu we both had to order the Yuva platter which included 2 types of chicken, 2 types of lamb, shrimp and afghani kebab. Basically this was a mixed grill. And…it was amazing. The meat was the most tender, ever and tasty too. At lesser restaurants, the meet is overcooked and dry and also overwhelmed by the spices. Not so here. Should I say it was perfect? We had another in our party who ordered daal and lamb in a cashew sauce – also amazing.

The restaurant itself is a little small and service is slow, actually too slow but these don’t detract too much from the food. Located on East 58th street it is next to Chola and Dawat, both good indian restaurants.

Yuva, along with Devi has become my favorite Indian restaurant.

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