Buddakan, New York

I went to Buddakan a few weeks ago because Dale, one of the contestants on Top Chef was a chef at the restaurant. His food seemed really interesting and inventive so I figured I should check it out. Talking about Top Chef, is there a more georgeous woman on TV than Padma Lakshmi? That’s another blog I may write sometime.

The food at Buddakan is asian, but modern asian – basically asian fusion. Buddakan also has locations in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. As is obligatory, I checked out the Zagat review just in case it was lousy, which it wasn’t. Getting a reservation 24 hours before dinner was pretty easy.

Buddakan is one of those cool, trendy places where the staff and patrons are pretty attractive. It seems to be more about the cool and trendy, a place to be seen at the bar rather than the food. The restaurant itself is a huge space, even the hostess space is like a trendy hotel lobby.

After a martini at the bar while we waited for Michelle, we were escorted to our table. From my other posts, you’ll know that I like to try a bunch of things rather than being boring and just having 1 thing so we ordered a number of appetizers and mains which we shared. Our waiter was extremely helpful in helping us decide what to order and we were not steered wrong. The steak, cod and short rib were all excellent – tasty and perfectly cooked. The steak was probably the worst thing we had and it was pretty good. The cod was outstanding. We shared a couple of desserts which too were good.

Overall the food was better than I had expected and it was also very reasonably priced – all in all a very good experience and one I will repeat.

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  1. Went to this place in Phila. Although the food was very good, it was extremely noisy that weekday evening. Next to all the chatter they put the music even harder to get it heard. We were with a group and it completely ruined the evening. Two persons even left because talking was virtually impossible. The layout of the place was identical to what you describe.

  2. I suggest the edamame dumplings with truffle yuzu butter OMG they are little pillows stuffed with heaven.

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