Bordeaux Night

It’s been a while since I wrote about one of our wine tasting nights. Last month we did martini’s instead of wine but this month we’re back on track again. The way this works is that we are four couples in our self made wine club and we rotate through a different couple’s home once a month (though a lot more regularly lately). The host couple gets to decide the wine theme and food theme for the night and everyone brings 2 bottles plus 1 dish consistent with the theme. We started this back in October last year and it’s something we all look forward to very much.

This time around we were at my place and we’d selected Bordeaux’s plus grilled food. We tried 8 Bordeaux’s and then hit my collection for an excellent Priorat (I love Priorats) and a Napa Cab. We did have 4 guest attendees, we usually do though the core of the group is the 4 couples.

My love affair with wine started just a few years ago and has been much more serious in the last 2 years. As a result I really haven’t made it around the wine world. I started on California Cabs and gradually moved on from there, trying different wines and developing my palette. The wine club has been a great way to accelerate the learning. I have never really tried much Bordeaux and I must say I like it, though not as much as I like Cabs, Rioja or my favorite Priorat.

Onto the wine (in order of tasting):

1. Chateau Cote Du Baleau, Saint Emilian Grand Cru, 2005 – Generally rated as good. It had an initial bitter taste and a very long flavor profile with the flavor moving from the sides of the tongue to the center. Leen thought the wine was a little corked, she probably has the most sensitive palette and sense of smell.

2. Chateau Saint Marie, 2006 – good, smooth, but the 1st wine was better

3. Chateau Pierrail, 2006 – good, best so far. It was a smooth cab like wine

4. Cheval Noir Grand Vin, 2003 – This was rated as just ok, a classification just above “doable”.

5. Chateau Saint Michel, 2005 – Considered to be good, almost very good. Thank you Shailesh & Divya

6. Chateau Du Moulin Rouge, Haute Med, 2005 – This wine was doable/ok. Not worth buying really.

7. Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc, 2001 – worst wine of the night, also the most expensive. Rated as stinky

8. Chateau Mont-Perat, 2003 – rated as doable

That was the Bordeaux’s. We still had some steam left in us so with help from my gorgeous neighbours (the women, not the guys – Divya was looking pretty hot!), we selected 2 more wines from my collection.

9. Masperla, Priorat, 2005 – this is a 94 point Robert Parker rated wine and it’s fabulous. If you’ve never tried Priorats you have to try them. The only downside is that they are expensive. It’s more of an indulgence wine.

10. Anderson Conn Valley Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 – This is another highly rated wine and is an excellent example of a good Napa Cab.

The Bordeaux’s ranged in price from $15-$25. That’s typically of our wine club selections.

The food last night was great too, nothing was bad. We had whole leg of lamb, jerk chicken, chicken kebabs, ribeye, cheesecake and watermelon.

Another fabulous night, good friends, good wine and food.

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  1. Soda Canyon Napa Valley Cab 2006 is awesome suggestion is let it “breathe” for at least 1 hour before tasting. Deep rich notes of lucious blackberry, hints of spice and chocolate with a long smooth finish.

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