Nha Trang One, New York

I first experienced Nha Trang way back in January 1994 during my first week at business school in New York. Patrick had been going there for some time with his then girlfriend Jennifer (now wife) and he raved about the palce. We went there with a few others as a team bonding thing. From my very first Pho and fresh shrimp roll I was hooked. I ended up going there every few weeks with Patrick & Jennifer. It became a regular thing for us. And I kept going after business school until I moved to the New Jersey burbs a few years ago.

This place is quite simply amazing and amazingly cheap. It is a dive, decor and service aren’t anything worth writing about, but the food is just brilliant! If you like Pho, this is the place to go. Since moving to the burbs I have sought out other vietnamese restaurants but nothing really compares well. My typically menu includes fresh shrimp rolls, pho, shrimp with salt & pepper, fried spring rolls, beef with tomatoes and chicken with chilli and lemon grass. Obviously not all in one dining session, but I usually rotate through on my visits and we always go family style (except for the Pho).

I hadn’t been back for probably 2 years, but just last week had lunch with Pat here who I hadn’t seen for way too long. And I’m happy to report that the food is still as good as ever. I need to go back more frequently. I really had forgotten what I was missing. Lunch for 3 was $45. Great deal for the quality of food.

There are a couple of other Nha Trang’s in Chinatown. Go to the one at 89 Baxter Street, just off Canal. It’s the original and the best.

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