White Burgundy Tasting

white-burgundy.jpgWe had another wine club get together last night at Leen & Johan’s place. As is customary, your place, your choice of wine and food. After deliberations that seemed to have gone on for an eternity, Leen finally decided on White Burgundy. I am not really into white wine, more of a red wine snob, but the great thing about the wine club is you get to try some many different wines and learn to appreciate the subtleties of the different wines.

It was another great night, good wine, good food with good friends. We ended up spending 6 hours, the longest yet. I guess the conversation was highly entertaining, though I decided to steer clear of politics this time (I am the contrarian in the group with no one else sharing my political point of view). We even adminstered a sobriety test on Divya, I think she flunked but she denies it.

On to the wine:

1. 2005 Mercurey Premier Cru, Domaine Michel Juillot – this was a refreshing, decent, light wine with a long lingering flavor profile. We initially rated it as very good and after tasting the others we revised the rating to ok/good. Johan was a disenter, claiming that “this wine does not excite me”.

2. 2006 Bourgogne Blanc, Chardonnay – we finally agreed with Leen (probably the best wine palate in the group) that the wine did smell corked, though not in taste. This wine was fruiter and better than the first. Rated as good.

3. 2005 Mersault, Bouchard Pere & Fil – we were really looking forward to trying this wine and the first sip left us all disappointed. Noreen even hated this wine. We did go back at the end of the night and retried this wine and it was completely different. It was actually really good. The problem seems to have been that it was too cold originally which diminished its flavor.

4. 2004 Chablis Premier Cru, La Foret – Cheapest wine of the night and was considered to be good / very good. Best price value relationship.

5. 2004 Chateau Fuisse, Pouilly Fuisse – The most expensive wine of the night at $48. It had a fabulous bouquet and was rated as excellent. Best of the night.

6. 2006 Frederic Trouillet, Pouilly Fuisse – decent wine rated as ok / good.

The wine was paired with:

– Linguine with clams on the shell
– Shrimp
– Scallops
– Lobster with ginger, garlic, chilli butter and pea shoots

And since Leen and Johan are from Belgium I practically forced Leen to make Belgian fries with homemade mayo. Belgian fries are the very best! Somehow I ended up cutting the potatoes and doing the double fry. How the heck did that happen?

Another successful night. These really are the best neighbors anyone could hope for. Next up, we’re at David & Noreen’s beach house to experience Oktoberfest.

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