Ganges, Princeton Junction, NJ

I recently joined a number of my work colleagues for lunch at nearby Ganges. Generally, I have a pretty poor opinion of Indian restaurants in the area. The food usually is pretty underwhelming, bland and appears to be put together by non chefs – cooks who know the ingredients but really can’t cook well, they can do just enough to get by. I will say that my standards for Indian food are extremely high since both my wife & I can really cook good Indian food.

We had about 8 of us going to lunch. Kedar, Danielle and I left the office on time and waited, and waited, and waited for the others to turn up. Turns out Bill kept everyone waiting. I would have just left him behind.

Anyway, onto the food. We did the buffet which is the typical Indian lunch thing. The assortment wasn’t great. They had the typical chicken tikka masala which seemed watered down, a few vegetable dishes, tandoori chicken (usually the worst thing to eat in a buffet and Ganges did not disappoint). There weren’t any lamb dishes – what the heck! They did have masala dosa if requested, which we obviously did. But it took them forever to bring out the right chutney. I was done with my dosa by the time it came out.

Dessert was way too sweet as is usual with Indian desserts. We ordered the chai which was excessively milky and short on spices.

The others seemed to like this place somewhat more than I did. All I have to say is either they don’t know Indian food or their standards leave a lot to be desired. I for one will not return.

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