Dimple, Iselin, NJ

Dimple is an Indian restaurant serving the Indian community on Oak Tree Road, the heart of Little India in New Jersey. The focus is primarily on Indian fast food and South Indian dishes. And all are vegetarian. Essentially its snack food for Indians, things they would eat on the streets of Bombay (I prefer British name Bombay to the correct, traditional name Mumbai).

I hadn’t been to Oak Tree road for years, until a few weeks ago when I got the craving to eat bhel puri and some other Indian junk food. Feeling like I hadn’t completely satisfied my cravings completely (I typically have to give in to my cravings and why not? They can be so much fun) so went back this weekend. I really wanted a frankie which I remember eating many times in Bombay during my teenage years. The spicy, vinegary, eggy, fried wrap stuffed with chicken or some other meat…so damn good!

We chose Dimple because it advertised that it served frankies. It would be vege rather then my preferred meat frankie, but what the heck – you take what you get. So with much anticipation I ordered a frankie. What arrived was not like any frankie I had ever eaten. I took a bite, no distinct vinegary taste. No egginess. WTF? What was this thing? I took another bite, and another. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a frankie. I also orderd the chana bhatura because I wanted to eat the massive fried bhatura (puri). It looked like a fun thing to eat. And so over-indulgent. I actually enjoyed it. Nice and spicy, good flavor though my wife didn’t think too much of it. She ordered ragda patties, which wasn’t very good.

The place was packed with Indians, young & old, snacking while out shopping. Shopping has to be a national pastime in India. We had to wait about ten minutes for a table, but the tables are turned pretty quickly. There is no atmosphere to speak of, just a bunch of tables and chairs. Its all about the food. Decent and cheap. The dosas looked good, but we didn’t try any.

Overall, decent & cheap. Worth going to satisfy a craving, just not for a frankie. My quest for a frankie continues……….

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