Eno Terra, Kingston, NJ

Eno Terra has been open for about a year now and while some of the earlier reviews were somewhat mixed, I’ve been there 4 times now between lunch and dinner and have always been quite pleased with both the service and the food. The restaurant is owned by the same Terra Momo group that owns Mediterra, Witherspoon Bread Company and Theresa’s Cafe in Princeton. I was never much of a fan of Mediterra but over the last year the food has been really good.

Eno Terra is all about locally sourced fresh farm produce with a nice variety of pasta, fish and meat dishes. I have not had a bad meal here. On my last visit I had the tuna tartar appetizer which was very good, though a little light on salt. The fish was amazingly fresh. Seemed like it had just come out of the water. It would have done any high grade sushi restaurant proud. I followed that with the lamb shank which came recommended. I really wasn’t hungry, but it was so damn good I pretty much finished the huge protion that was put in front of me. It may have been the best lamb shank I have ever eaten. Everytime I have been there, I have been given the complimentary salumi with an assortment of meats which are really good. The one thing I do not like is the bean paste in the olive oil that comes with the bread. All the bread is from Witherspoon Bread Company and if you know that place, you know it’s good.

Service is professional, efficient and friendly. I particularly enjoyed the service from the attractive waitress who kept putting her hand on my shoulder everytime she came to my table. Now that’s great service!

The restaurant also has a very nice wine bar. The wine selection looks decent. I haven’t spent any time at the bar but definitely need to, it may become the happy hour place for work get-togethers.

Overall I would say that this is a great addition to the area, and one I will frequent many times.

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