Party Night

I had a party last week for colleagues, friends and family. All in all about 35 people turned up. As with all my parties there is always lots of food and wine. I love entertaining and enjoy the whole planning and preparation aspect. I find it incredibly relaxing. After going back and forth on different food themes for the evening, I decided to go somewhat classic and planned the menu to minimize cooking time during the party while ensuring that food kept coming at regular intervals throughout the evening. Ebven prep was pretty staright forward. I actually had a couple of hours where I was wondering if I had forgotten anything because I was feeling so relaxed.

The Menu

-Turkey samosas (made by my wife, fried by me)
-Black pepper shrimp (recipe from Tabla)
-Tomata, basil & feta salad
-Duck mousse foie gras (purchased ready made)
-Cheese assortment, including manchego, triple cream brie and blue stilton (I’m English – always need the English to keep the French and Spanish in line)

-Spicy beef tenderloin (Tyler Florence recipe)
-Baked salmon
-Lamb chops with rosemary & garlic
-Bernaise sauce (thank you Leen)

-Roche Lacour 2003 (a sparkling french white made champagne style from WSJwine.com. Love this)
-Vega Escal Priorat 2005 (my favorite wine varietal. I’ve never had a bad priorat)

Apart from the shrimp I had never made anything before. I tend to follow a high risk strategy with my parties. Higher risk but potentially higher return if it turns out well. And if it doesn’t you just get everyone drunk and they won’t care (especially with my neighbors – right Divya?).

I think the next party I want to do is a fine dining experience for a selct group of people who appreciate real fine food. Multiple courses with wine pairings over the course of an entire evening. Depending on who gets invited, you’ll know what I think of your palette 🙂

I’m posting the individual recipes on the blog for the shrimp, lamb, beef, salmon and salad. Enjoy, I did!

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  1. The party was a lot of fun and the food was delicious. As always, Immy pairs the perfect wines with the most delightful food. I have become a huge Priorat fan as a result of many fine bottles I have sampled at Immy’s. My two favorites were the shrimp and the spicy beef tenderloin. I’ve discovered a new surf and turf!

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