The Nosh Bar, London

I was in Europe travelling on business recently and spent some time in London. London is actually home so I have many fond memories and everytime I go back, I always try to get my fill of my favorite foods – fish and chips (why can’t they fry fish in The US like they do in England?), crispy aromatic duck, indian food, steak pie and a salt beef sandwich.

Salt beef sandwiches actually hold alot of good memories for me. I remember going to Bloom’s in Whitechapel with my dad when I was 6 and then rediscovering Bloom’s in my 20s. The warm, tender, crumbly beef on rye with english mustard is just perfect.

Bloom’s in Whitechapel closed down and I wasn’t in the mood to trek all the way to Golder’s Green. Selfridge’s has good salt beef too, but I was there last year so wanted to find another place to try. After googling, I found The Nosh Bar just near Piccadilly Circus. After a saturday morning run and walk around Covent Garden (and walking 196 steps up to street level from the Tube platform), I made my way over. The place is really just a deli with a few stools at a counter. I ordered a medium, which was just the right size.

The first bite was just wonderful. The meet crumbled and basically melted in my mouth. The hot english mustard was a perfect compliment. Every bite was just aaahhhh! This really has to count up there with some of the best salt beef I have ever had, probably better than Selfridge’s and leaner than Bloom’s. Definitely worth trying if you’re ever in London.

BTW, why can’t I get salt beef in NY? And crispy aromatic duck for that matter?

Bish, this one was for you!

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