Nomad Pizza, Hopewell

It never ceases to amaze me how many pizza places there are in New Jersey and how different each pizza place can be. I like pizza, but it usually isn’t something I go out of my way for. Having said that, I always appreciate a good pizza. For me it’s all about the base and the sauce. I like my base thin. That way it doesn’t feel too heavy after I’ve carbo-loaded. And the sauce, I want it tasting of fresh tomatoes, not like something out of a jar.

After hearing so much about Nomad Pizza from Leen (though she is from Belgium and do they have good pizza there? Fries yes, pizza not so sure. Talking about fries, I’ve never seen Leen make any – -does she know how?) I decided to make my way over there on Friday night. I expected to wait for a table and wait we did, though it wasn’t too long a wait. I typically have a 20 minute wait limit, but decided to wait eventhough I was told 30-40 minutes. We really didn’t have a plan B.

While waiting we bumped into some friends who were there for dinner and also bumped into our former french neighbors. I guess Nomad’s got some euro thing going on. Seems like the word has been out on Nomad and I’m just late to the party. Not the first time!

They have a number of tables outside which seemed like the place to be, however we got a table inside. Word of advice, it’s small, really loud and really really hot. I was dying in there. But service is prompt, friendly and efficient.

The menu is pretty short. They have a few apps and salads and 2 types of pizza – thicker crust and wafer thin roman style. They have a few choices in each, not a huge selection. They did have some specials – I wanted the bruschetta but they were out. The caprese ordered by the table next to ours looked fantastic and I wanted it, but didn’t order it. We ordered the regular base spicy sausage with caramalized onions which was really good. Great base and fresh sauce and not overly cheesy. We also ordered the thin margarita and pepperoni. The base was crispy thin (less carb guilt) and the pepperoni itself was extremely good. We finished all 3 pizzas. These really were great pizza’s, well worth the wait.

The check comes with chocolate – dark or milk – a nice little touch. Pretty nice chocolate too. I will be back for sure. I want to try the blue cheese salad next time, but I’m sitting outside.

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  1. Are there good pizza’s in Belgium? Italians are the biggest group of immigrants. That should say enough 😉 And fortunately for me the best pizza place is Peppino’s in Keerbergen, where I live 🙂

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