Pork Belly Sandwich

I really love pork belly. It must be a reaction to all those years of growing up never eating pork or even bacon! Well, I discovered pork belly and boy has it been good. If it’s ever on a restaurant menu you can pretty much bet on me ordering it. Have I said I love pork belly?

Leen made pork belly the other night and she gave me leftovers. I couldn’t say no – she doesn’t need all that fat. Especially with all those waffles she’s been eating lately. I was just helping her, isn’t that what friends are for?

I decided to make a sandwich with it for my son and me. I basically took a crusty bread, mayo, english mustard (the heat goes well with the richness of the pork belly), arugula and the pork belly. Make sure you heat the pork belly at about 350 degrees in the oven until it’s heated through before adding to the sandwich. For the sandwich just use the skin and meat pieces. Try to avoid using the fat because it gets to be too much (I tried it with and without – without is the way to go). Enjoy!

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