10 Arts by Eric Ripert, Philadelphia

I was recently in Philadelphia and went to 10 Arts by Eric Ripert for dinner. I’ve wanted to eat here for some time for two reasons. First, I’ve eaten at Le Bernardin which is absolutely fabulous and second I’m a fan of Jen Carroll, the chef at 10 Arts after her 2 stints on Top Chef. The 2nd of which was truly memorable – I wouldn’t mess with her!

10 Arts is located in the Ritz Carlton hotel. Essentially it’s a hotel restaurant, though a very nice one. I ordered the 5 course tasting menu with wine pairings. At $90 it’s great value and a far cry from the prices at Le Bernardin. The tasting menu changes daily based on what the chef likes that day. Substitutions are strongly discouraged, though they were willing to accommodate me.

The menu leans towards seafood as would be expected from a Eric Ripert restaurant. The food itself is well prepared, looks great and tastes pretty good but not as good as I was expecting. Perhaps my expectations were too high based on the Eric Ripert connection and Jen Carroll’s performance the first time on Top Chef. The wine pairings were really good, actually the highlight of the meal. I love putting myself in the hands of sommeliers. You end up, atleast I do, trying wines and varietals I’ve never tried before. Truly worth it.

I hear the burger at 10 Arts is really good so I will return to try that.

Overall, the food is good, not memorable. Service is very good and prices are decent. If I was staying at the Ritz or nearby I wouldn’t mind eating there but wouldn’t go out of my way to eat at 10 Arts again.

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