Steamed Pork Belly Bun Sous Vide

I was introduced to pork belly buns at David Chang’s Momofuku a few years ago with my Belgian friends Johan and Jan. We had just devoured a 5lb pork shoulder and had to order the pork belly buns when a waitress was taking an order to another table. I’ve had a pork belly obsession for years. My son and I absolutely love all types of pork belly. I probably have more pork belly recipes on this blog than any other site out there. Back to Momofuku, those pork belly buns were absolutely amazing. The man is a genius! This dish is one of those dishes that you never stop thinking about or talking about. Even all these years later, I still think of them longingly. As to David Chang being a genius, you just have to watch “The Mind of a Chef” season 1 on PBS. I love how thoughtful he is about what he cooks and the series really delves into his philosophy and approach to food.

I recently acquired an Anova Sous Vide which may be my favorite kitchen gadget. Since then I’ve been experimenting with Sous Vide cooking and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I also picked up Modernist Cuisine at Home which has a ton of Sous Vide recipes. The book is intimidating and beautiful. So worth it. Now with Sous Vide in hand, I thought I would attempt the pork belly buns. I found a recipe on seriouseats and bought pre-made buns from my local Asian market. While not quite David Chang quality, they came out really great. I would totally make them again.

Here’s a link to the recipe and a couple of pictures.


Pork Belly Broiled

Pork Belly Bun

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