Perfectly Cooked Steak Made Sous Vide

My sous vide cooking experiments have continued and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Sous vide cooking is all about precision and super tenderness for meats – the perfect combination for steak. I like my steaks medium rare and when I make them at home I sometimes end up with medium when I don’t mean to. Making it sous vide you get it exactly how you want it since you set the temperature at the doneness you want and it just can’t overcook no matter how long you leave it there.

The process is pretty straight forward though it takes some time but the results are so worth it. My preferred steak is a prime strip and the temperatures listed below are for a strip steak. It varies by type of steak so if you are cooking sous vide then make sure you get the temperatures for the right type of steak. Here’s the step by step guide to cooking steak sous vide:

1. Season your steak with salt and pepper
2. Vacuum seal each steak individually
3. Start the sous vide and heat the water to the desired temperature. For rare 126 degrees F, medium rare 133, pink 135, medium 144. I’m not even going to list well done because that is just plain wrong. This time I did mine to pink because one of my dinner guests is more of a pink rather than a medium rare person
4. Place the steaks in the sous vide container. I have started using a plastic container I purchased on Amazon and created my own hanger system using skewers and clips so that I could space out the steaks to ensure even distribution. Probably a little OCD but what the heck

Steak in sous vide

5. I left the steaks in the sous vide for 4 hours, but I could have left it for less time. You just need to leave it long enough to get the internal temperature up to the desired doneness
6. When done, remove and dry the steaks with a paper towel
7. Sear the steak at a very high heat in a pan or with a blow torch (my next acquisition). Do it quickly, all you want is the outside to brown and not cook through
8. Serve

Final Steak

The steak turned out unbelievably tender. I could have cut it with a butter knife. And it tasted amazing.

Ok, so the process may seem a bit convoluted but trust me, so worth it. The real advantages of cooking a steak sous vide are that its perfect doneness all the way through. There are no overdone or underdone bits, a point I tried very hard to explain to Divya. And the other benefit is that you get a better yield from the steak, meaning that more of it is at the doneness you want. When grilling or cooking in the pan, you end up with more of the steak well done because of the direct heat application whereas in a sous vide, you are only searing briefly so its a very thin brown layer.

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