Shanghai Park, Princeton, NJ

I ended up at Shanghai Park for lunch this afternoon by chance. Everyone was hungry and we needed something quick. Chinese food usually goes down well with the kids and it was on the way home after the kids’ tennis lesson. I’d been to Shanghai Park a couple of times in the past few years […]


Dimple, Iselin, NJ

Dimple is an Indian restaurant serving the Indian community on Oak Tree Road, the heart of Little India in New Jersey. The focus is primarily on Indian fast food and South Indian dishes. And all are vegetarian. Essentially its snack food for Indians, things they would eat on the streets of Bombay (I prefer British […]


Palace of Asia, Lawrenceville, NJ

When it comes to Indian restaurants, actually any restaurant, but especially Indian restaurants I am pretty tough to please. Suggesting a new Indian restaurant to visit, or worse going there with me is typically asking for trouble. It’s not that I’m just difficult (be quiet Kedar), ok maybe I am, but the bulk of Indian […]


Pho 99, Franklin Park, New Jersey

I have loved Vietnamese food ever since Patrick introduced me to Pho and fresh shrimp rolls way back in 1994. We used to frequent (alot) Nha Trang in Chinatown (I’ve blogged on Nha Trang earlier). Even today I try to get back there, but living here in the Princeton area it’s quite a way to […]


J L Ivy, Princeton

JL Ivy is a pretty new restaurant in Princeton. The restaurant has a 3 1/2 star rating from The Star Ledger so things looked pretty promising. After finding my way to the restaurant, which wasn’t so easy due to confusion over a detour due to road works, I was looking forward to dinner because the […]