The Breslin, NYC

I recently had dinner at The Breslin in NYC. The Breslin is a gastropub from April Bloomfield, the British Chef who is also the chef of The Spotted Pig in New York. I had seen an episode of Unique Eats which featured Frank Bruni (formerly NY Times food critic) going on about how wonderful the […]


At Vermillion, NYC

At Vermillion is the 2nd restaurant by the owner of Vermillion in Chicago. From all accounts the Chicago branch is a real success. The restaurant opened a few weeks ago, I had gone at the end of November for my birthday when the restaurant hadn’t been open for 2 weeks yet and as a result […]


Degustation, NYC

Before I discuss my experience at Degustation, I have to make a confession – Grace Lamb who owns this place has been a friend of mine for over 10 years, well before her restaurant days started with the amazing Jewel Bako. Having said that, my review would probably be the same regardless of who owned […]


Turkish Kitchen, New York

I was in Manhattan on Wedsnesday for business and decided to get together with Lyle and Kedar for dinner. I wanted something in the 20s or 30s, close to the focus groups I was attending. After an exhaustive search we decided on Turkish Kitchen and made reservations for 7.30. Everyone arrived promptly which is great. I hate […]


Besito – Roslyn

Once in a while a restaurant comes along that fills a gap that a community (I) did not even realize that it had:  Fancy Mexican Food! I have long been a big fan of non-fancy Mexican food – those same 5 or 6 ingredients mixed in so many different ways – it all works for […]