Steamed Pork Belly Bun Sous Vide

I was introduced to pork belly buns at David Chang’s Momofuku a few years ago with my Belgian friends Johan and Jan. We had just devoured a 5lb pork shoulder and had to order the pork belly buns when a waitress was taking an order to another table. I’ve had a pork belly obsession for […]


Pork Belly Skewers

Here’s a recipe from Gourmet Magazine. I haven’t tried it yet but let me know if you do. Yield: 60 skewers Active Time: 45 mins Total Time: 3 days (including brining & pressing) Ingredients: For Brine 4 teaspoons coriander seeds, toasted 2 teaspoons fennel seeds, toasted 1 gallon water 1 1/3 cups kosher salt 2/3 […]


Asian Spice Pork Belly

Ok, I’m truly obsessed with pork belly. After just telling someone that I needed a break from pork belly, I ended up making it the very next day! I was out shopping for scallops at my local asian supermarket and a recipe started forming in my head for asian spice pork belly. I tend to […]


Red Cooked Pork Belly

Another Mike Robinson recipe. Serves 4 20 minutes preparation, 2 hours cooking Ingredients: 1kg/2lb 4oz pork belly, rib bones removed 3 tbsp groundnut oil 2 tsp sugar 750ml/1pt 7fl oz chicken stock 1 whole star anise 1 stick cinnamon or cassia bark 7.5cm/3in piece fresh ginger, unpeeled 3-4 tbsp Shaoxing wine (substitute dry sherry if […]


Pork Belly with Ginger, Honey and Soy

Serves: 6 Ingredients: 1 pork belly piece (about 1 pound) 2 tablespoons olive oil (optional) 1/4-pound young, tender ginger, finely grated 4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 5 bay leaves, preferably fresh, partly torn Freshly ground black pepper 2 cups honey, preferably wildflower 2 cups top-quality soy sauce (shoyu or tamari) 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut […]