Roussillon – A French Spanish Wine

I am a huge fan of Spanish Priorats and Chateanuef Du Pape’s. The challenge is that they get to be pricey. And while I have a relatively large collection of both, drinking them as everyday wines is a little indulgent, but life’s too short to be drinking bad wine (and the calories aren’t worth it). […]


Traveling to Priorat – From WSJ

It all began with wine. In 1989, a group of wine connoisseurs visited the Priorat, an impoverished, mountainous rural area inland from Tarragona, in the Spanish province of Catalonia. They had heard of the region’s unique conditions for growing grapes, although the wine being produced was unrefined and usually sold in canisters rather than bottles. […]


Les Eres 2003, Priorat

I am a HUGE fan of Priorats. It really is my favorite wine. When I see one I haven’t tried before I typically buy it and I’m always looking for it on retaurant wine menus. Priorat is a Spanish wine and just like French wines, Spanish wines are named after the region not the grape. […]


2005 Mas Doix “Salanques” Priorat

Priorats are fabulous red wines from Spain, close to Barcelona. Since I discovered them a couple of years ago, I have only had 1 bad one. I love them so much that alot of people buy Priorats as presents for me – they know they can’t go wrong with that for me. This particular wine […]


2005 Vega Escal Priorat

Priorat, a spanish red wine which seems to be little known but growing in popularity is most definitely my favorite wine varietal. I’ve built a pretty sizeable collection since I first tried it about 2 years ago. That first glass just blew me away and now I pretty much can’t resist buying a priorat if […]