Oktoberfest, with a Difference

Last night we got together for our wine club again, though this time we decided on Oktoberfest as our theme and went with beers. Since we’re not sticklers for “rules” we stretched the concept and went with beers, not necessarily German and the German food was not exactly German either.

Our core group includes the Pandya’s (Shailesh & Divya), the Mercando’s (David & Noreen), the Belgians (Leen and Johan) and us, the Patels. We usually have a guest or 2 or 3. This time Johan’s boss’ boss, Werner from Belgium was in town so we invited him to join us. I’d met him earlier that morning when we went to race cars on a track. He fit right into the group.

Our hosts for the evening were David & Noreen. Noreen, the tile grout looked really good, great job!

I’m not really a beer guy, just like I am not a white wine guy. Red wine is my drink of choice. Too many carbs & calories in beer with insufficient payoff in flavor for me. Though I do like Belgian beers which I discovered about a year ago at a get together at Leen & Johan’s.

We tried a number of different beers last night and as is usual, we rated them all. Onto the beer.

1. St. Pauli Girl (German) – 4 thought it was doable while Johan and I thought it was stinky. It was a pretty bland beer. The girl on the bottle promised so much and delivered so little, leaving me completely unsatisfied. Damn shame!

2. Samuel Adams, Octoberfest Seasonal Brew (US) – Considered doable/ok. Had a slight caramel like flavor, a little sweet, though not excessive.

3. Corsendonk Pale Ale (Belgian) – This is a cloudy beer and was voted as good by all. Best so far.

4. Corsendork Dark (Belgian) – Decent beer, but not as good as the pale ale. Considered ok.

5. Chimay Premier (Belgian) – Chimay is one of my favorite beers and was rated as good. There are 3 types of Chimay, I brought the red label and Leen informed me that I should have brought the blue label. I guess I screwed up.

6. Duvel (Belgian) – My favorite beer. This one got some mixed ratings, including 1 ok, 1 good and 3 very goods. It’s a pretty strong beer.

7. Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence (US) – This beer has chocolate. I was a little afraid to try it thinking it would be sweet. The concept just didn’t make sense to me. The first taste was a complete shock. The beer is dark and bitter, like a stout. Kind of reminds you of Guinness which I really like. I think the shock of the 1st taste made me dislike it but it grew on me and I ended up liking it quite a bit. We forgot to rate this one so I’ll say it was good.

8. St. Barnardus (Belgian) -Rated as a good beer.

9. Golden Carolus (Belgian) – David noticed a hint of molasses in this. 4 of the group considered it very good while 2 others thought it was good.

10. Franziskaner Weissbier (German) – A pretty mild beer and considered ok.

This was more of a Belgian Oktoberfest than a German one, but atleast it was beer. I am ready to move back to red wine after doing white wine and beer for the last 2 get togethers. Though I must say that the beers were generally pretty good and I don’t even have a hangover!

In terms of food, we had:

– Bratwurst – very good
– Squah soup – I didn’t taste this
– Goulash – very good. Best German Goulash I have eaten, but where were the fries Leen?
– Veal Schnitzel – I made this and liked it
– Selection of German cheeses
– Pear Cake – very good.

Another good evening, though a little tame by our standards. We even ended before midnight

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