Tre Piani, Princeton, NJ

Tre Piani is an italian restaurant in Princeton, though it isn’t quite in Princeton. It’s in Forrestal Village off route 1 near Ruth’s Chris and Salt Creek Grill. I’ve been avoiding going to Tre Piani for a few years since a work holiday party. The food was pretty mediocre and I’m not crazy about the […]


La Mezzeluna, Princeton, New Jersey

La Mezzeluna is an Italian restaurant on Witherspoon Street in Princeton. This was my second time at La Mezzaluna and the only reson I went was because I couldn’t get a reservation at 3 other restaurants I tried. I had remembered the food as being decent not great, but this time I was pleasantly surprised […]


Eno Terra, Kingston, NJ

Eno Terra has been open for about a year now and while some of the earlier reviews were somewhat mixed, I’ve been there 4 times now between lunch and dinner and have always been quite pleased with both the service and the food. The restaurant is owned by the same Terra Momo group that owns […]


Shanghai Park, Princeton, NJ

I ended up at Shanghai Park for lunch this afternoon by chance. Everyone was hungry and we needed something quick. Chinese food usually goes down well with the kids and it was on the way home after the kids’ tennis lesson. I’d been to Shanghai Park a couple of times in the past few years […]


Palace of Asia, Lawrenceville, NJ

When it comes to Indian restaurants, actually any restaurant, but especially Indian restaurants I am pretty tough to please. Suggesting a new Indian restaurant to visit, or worse going there with me is typically asking for trouble. It’s not that I’m just difficult (be quiet Kedar), ok maybe I am, but the bulk of Indian […]