Princeton Restaurants Revisited – A round up of what’s good and what isn’t

My first ever blog post was about Princeton restaurants, it was more a gripe about the lack of a decent food scene than a review of restaurants. Since I wrote that post and lamented the real lack of good choices in the area, a lot has changed. Thankfully for the better! Back then I couldn’t […]


A Week in London

I was in London recently for business. London is actually my home town so I end up going quite often. In the 14 years since I left London the food scene has changed quite a bit. Celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have become household names, not just in England but here too. […]


Underground Cafe, Princeton, NJ

Against my better judgement I decided to go try out Underground Cafe a few days ago. Swati G. was buying so I wanted to go somewhere a little more upscale, but she taunted me to try something new and since I’m always game to try most things once, I relented. I hadn’t been there before, […]


Besito – Roslyn

Once in a while a restaurant comes along that fills a gap that a community (I) did not even realize that it had:  Fancy Mexican Food! I have long been a big fan of non-fancy Mexican food – those same 5 or 6 ingredients mixed in so many different ways – it all works for […]


Il Mulino – Roslyn

As a long-time customer of Il Mulino in NYC I was really excited when they opened a location on Long Island – in Roslyn, on Northern Blvd (across the street from Bryant & Cooper).  I was also a bit sceptical about whether it could possibly be as good as the original.  I might catch some […]