Perfectly Cooked Steak Made Sous Vide

My sous vide cooking experiments have continued and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Sous vide cooking is all about precision and super tenderness for meats – the perfect combination for steak. I like my steaks medium rare and when I make them at home I sometimes end up with medium when […]


Tyler Florence’s Spicy Beef Tenderloin

I’ve made quite a few Tyler Florence recipes over the last few months and have generally been quite pleased with them. I was looking for a recipe that was good but involved minimal cooking during the party. This one seemed to fit the bill just right and seemed somewhat different than the rest. Different is […]


Char Steakhouse, Raritan, NJ

Char is a new steakhouse that replaced Acqua, an Italian restaurant. It has the same ownership. I never ventured into Acqua – way too many Italian restaurants in NJ and it really didn’t stand out. But Char is a different story. Just starting with the name – Char. I love that name, what a great […]


KC Prime, Princeton, NJ

KC Prime is a steakhouse located in Lawrenceville, near Princeton. I had previously been there for brunch and wasn’t completely impressed, but decided that I really needed to try what it is really known for before I could pass judgment. That meant going back this week to try the steaks. A few people had raved […]


Churrascaria Plataforma, New York

I first discovered Plataforma back in 1999. They had already been around for 3 years by then. I was watching some restaurant review show on The Food Network and they had a piece on Plataforma. I was on the Atkins diet at the time and this seemed like the perfect place to go to. It was fortunate […]